No picture can do justice to authentic Siberian mink lashes’ glossy, delicate and fluttery fringe that is so envy-worthy! Thanks to the minks’ natural adaptation to Siberia’s cold climate that resulted in longer, stronger, fluffier and shaggier fur growth, Siberian mink lashes offer supreme smoothness, softness, fluttery curl and rich black color. Siberian mink is the finest in the world for luxury mink lashes !

BRAND:XIKHOVHA COLLECTION LENGTH LENGTH:25MM HAND MADE BLACK5D & 6D Minki Lashes are 100% handmade. This is why every Minki Lashes pair is somewhat unique with slight variations in lash length, spacing and curl. Every lash pair is professionally hand curled to perfection and attached to a very flexible cotton lash band at the base.RETURN & REFUND POLICYNo returns or refunds on any of our products.